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Feb 15 2012

Announcing My Newest Creation, “Call Me Sunshine” – Another Fun FMG Website

Check out “Call Me Sunshine“, my motivational site where you can come everyday and be inspired to have a more positive day. 🙂 I’ll be adding more content regularly. My followers are used to watching me build my sites lol. My goal is to provide resources for motivational, self improvement and inspirational meditation and thought. With …

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Working on This, Working on That – Gotta Keep Those Plates Spinning


I wrapped up my job so now I’m back to looking for work. I check the want ads and look for small businesses needing alot of help and not offering a corporate job. I really don’t want to work for Corporate America anymore and they won’t hire me with the adult industry in my background so it works out pretty well. There are slow times but I’m going to school too so that helps me along. It is straight forward to get school loans. If you need to make a change in your life, just do it. I hated to go into debt in this economy but it is really the only way to move up and beyond in the job market we are going to be in for a while, it seems. (more…)

Nov 30 2011



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