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Feb 15 2012

Announcing My Newest Creation, “Call Me Sunshine” – Another Fun FMG Website

Check out “Call Me Sunshine“, my motivational site where you can come everyday and be inspired to have a more positive day. 🙂 I’ll be adding more content regularly. My followers are used to watching me build my sites lol. My goal is to provide resources for motivational, self improvement and inspirational meditation and thought. With …

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We Know Exactly Who We Are – This One’s for Our Families and Friends Who Have Supported and Stood By Us – Thank YOU!!

Dec 20 2011

PARENTS – Raise Your Girls to Say “NO” to Pimps and Predators

I saw the interview on CBS news this morning. I love this book and think this author definitely has the right idea. We raise our kids thinking all these cartoon characters are real (Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.), that there’s a prince charming to take them away and most of all, that there’s a happily ever after.

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Dec 18 2011

13 Days Until My New Websites are Launched – Let’s Get Down to Business

Dec 15 2011

If I Were a Bird, I’d Be The Bald Eagle

Someone I met recently did a reading on me and said that I am like the bald eagle. I tend to fly alone and way up high so that I see everything. I can see the world while others are blinded by the trees. Since my doctor said I have a bird’s tail, I decided this …

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Dec 08 2011

Whohoo, One Semester Down. Wait, How Many More to Go??

  I just finished my second final exam and got a 90%. The professor has the class set up to automatically process the grade so my final grade in Constitutional Law is an A with a 92.18% GPA. Whew!!

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Dec 07 2011

This Song is Awesome – Great to Meditate To ;)

Dec 07 2011

Foxxy Tales Brings Sexy Back ;)

Nov 30 2011

VIDEO: The Matrix – Joseph Campbell Monomyth – This is an Interesting Video About a Hero’s Journey


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