Mar 26 2015

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7 Years & Counting – My Life as a Sex Crime Blogger

7 yearsYep, it’s true. I’ve been blogging for 7 years now, covering sex crimes and sex trafficking and the cultural trends that fuel them. On March 26, 2008, I started my first blog and named it “Porn in the Valley”. I came up with the name thinking about “Sex in the City” which was big at that time. I was Samantha, my daughter was Carrie. We just needed 2 more pornstars and we’d have our “Porn in the Valley” version of “Sex in the City”. Many also don’t know that it was originally published on DesiFoxx.com. I didn’t buy the domain, PornintheValley.com until several months later!

I purchased PornintheValley.com after porn crooks knocked DesiFoxx.com offline through their usual illegal manuveurs. Truthfully, when I bought the domain, PornintheValley.com, I was amazed Porn Valley didn’t already own it. When they knocked my blog “Porn in the Valley” offline, they didn’t snatch the domain first. That was my first realization that the criminals of Porn Valley weren’t all that tech savvy and really, they weren’t very smart either, hahaha!

Many don’t know that it was someone else who suggested I start my own blog after I had been posting on IndustryBlacklist.com (a site no longer in existence thanks to me lol). I had started a thread called “Fleas on my Ass” and I was blogging about ‘The Toadman’, our first Porn Valley stalker and other porn industry vermin who were trying to shut me up because I was sharing porn industry secrets with the public. Every year, I think back to that time in our lives and I always think about how little we really know about how our futures can go!

After 7 years, I still must be careful with details about our personal lives but I can tell you all that we are doing very well. I’ve given up on trying to avoid the stalkers wrath so I will say more than I used to. I simply ignore them now. I do still keep the saying “Fleas on my Ass” in mind lol. Really, if people want to believe scumbag criminal stalkers, they’re not people I want to know anyway. So here we go!


In many aspects, life goes on as usual. We move around in society as if we’re just like everyone else. The economy is still in the toilet so good jobs are hard to come by. When talking to someone about our circumstances, I often say that while our situation is quite different from most, it results in being in the same place as many in America today. Barely getting by. Then, in January, I was laid off from my last job due to a lost contract and company mergers. Back to the (virtual) unemployment line I went, while drawing the purse strings even tighter. Being a whistleblower activist isn’t easy. Being an unemployed one make life even more interesting!

They gave me a new job counselor, a young man this time, so I didn’t even try to explain my challenges with finding work as an ‘ex-sex worker’. The advice my last counselor gave me, she said she gives to convicted felons who are out of prison and trying to rehabilitate. I told her that just didn’t seem like a fair comparison. I mean, a felon did something wrong, got punished and now has to rebuild. We didn’t break any laws, we didn’t do anything wrong AND we were taken advantage of, tricked and even victimized. But . . . (yeah, one of those Kim Kardashian “BUTTS) being an ‘ex-sex worker’, even when you’re a sex trafficking survivor, is the same, in society’s eyes, as being a convicted felon. I’ve found this to be true many more times than not. If that doesn’t give us all a good enough reason to fight these battles against the porn industry, against legalizing prostitution and against sex trafficking, there will never be one good enough to convince you. I know for sure, it definitely convinces me!

So, I decided to go into Criminal Justice lol. And, it’s actually going rather well. I just completed my ‘Computer Crime Investigations’ certification in December. I’ll receive my actual certificate at the spring graduation ceremony (not much longer now). Over spring break, I took a security agent licensing course and am just waiting to save up the state filing fee and I’ll be an official security agent. I’ve got 7 more classes to take and I will complete my A.S. degree in Digital Forensics. Four of those classes, I can take in one semester if they’re all offered at the same time. I could possibly graduate with my A.S. in Digital Forensics as early as spring 2016. These steps all add some great academic credentials to my activism work as well as bringing me closer to career opportunities that won’t discriminate against my background. Heck, they NEED PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME. As one door closes, there is another around the corner that will always open. Jesus will make sure of that. Always have Faith!

My faith continues to grow and get stronger as I learn to look around me and appreciate all the miracles and blessings each new day brings to my life. My family is God’s greatest gift to me and as my grandbaby turns 4 this summer, every minute I get to spend with them and her is worth more to me than all the riches in the world. I still listen to my Christian rock music. It really helps to keep focused each day on what is important and where I’m led to go. I feel God has laid a very specific path for me and that path is where I head each day as I work toward my future in Christ. Please support Christian radio and television. I could not do what I do without them!

I’m up to, I think lol, 18 websites now. They all have their own subject matter though most do point to the same goal, bringing awareness to sex trafficking and sex crimes in American and around the World. CallMeSunshine.com is for celebration of my spirit. I’ve always been called ‘Sunshine’ as a nickname (you don’t really know me, so stopping laughing about that one) so I like to post songs, photos and stories that remind me of my light and who I really am. I’ve got my favorites, like MediaDomme.com, which I like for the ease it takes to find my headlines and go to articles I’m searching for. OneBossyBroad.com is where I share my favorite actions, so others can get involved and make their voices heard too. I’ve got well over 4000 posts after 7 years of blogging. That’s over 500 posts per year I’ve averaged. Whew. No wonder my fingers get so tired at times lol!

My goal for 2015 is to start my own FMG webcast series. I’ve got some great ideas and plan to have some fun with this one. I’m looking at using Media Domme, One Bossy Broad or The Auditor as the host and either “The Hell of Fame” or “Connecting the Pervs” as the show’s title. Since I am an auditor by trade and now, with moving into criminal investigations and detective work, I am leaning toward ‘The Auditor’ as the best choice.

I just launched a crowdfunding project under Media Domme and “The Hell of Fame”, which hasn’t met funding goals but has brought some great attention to my work and the cause. I am very grateful for that. I will launch another fundraiser if this one doesn’t pay out. I do need some help with covering costs for software and equipment. I’ve already worked out my set with items from around the house and scraps from my home improvement projects so I can do this with less than I originally thought. You are going to love this new series. I can’t wait to get it started. I’m planning to launch the show for my 2015 FMG Summer Series Project. The show will go on, with or without funding. Funding only means a more professional production. Lack of money has never stopped me in the past and it will never stop me from achieving my goals for our future!

Speaking of home improvement projects, mine are moving right along, though a little off schedule as well. I got laid off, what can I say. Lack of money has always slowed me down but it has never stopped me from doing what I really want to do. We have the wall frames up and the door hung on the new spare room we built. I just need to get the drywall and I will have my official spare room/dining room/home office. For now, I’m back to working on the yard doing spring cleaning, transplanting and planting. Somehow or another, I’ve inherited my dad’s green thumb along with his plants and my plants are all growing huge and wild now. I’ve been collecting small pots so I am going to start splitting the huge plants that I have into smaller versions and I’m going to start selling them for a little extra cash. I’ve got spider plants, boston ferns, peace lilies and corn plants. Once split, my yard will seriously look like a small greenhouse lol. I’m working on a space in my backyard to fence and turn into a small nursery 😉

Other than school, activism and career building, my personal life is actually pretty boring and average lol. It’s exactly the kind of balance that I strive for lol. While on one hand, I’m fighting some of the most evil criminals and criminal networks in our world, on the other, I’m just your typical mom and grandma, who has gone back to school in search of greener career pastures, who works on her home and yard as a hobby and favorite past time, and who hangs out with her 84 year old mother, grown kids and growing grandbaby every chance she gets. Who could ask for anymore in life than that? Not me.

This is my little piece of Paradise and ain’t nobody ever going to take that from me ever again!

My wish for 2015: ACTION!


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